Our Story

Our Story

For the spirited muse who cannot be defined as one thing because there are many shades to who she is. Shades of Rose attracts women who are courageously themselves, paving their own path and are always up for a little adventure along the way.

Lauren Luyendyk, Founder

Lauren’s journey began a little unconventional than most. Although she followed what was initially expected of her, from a college degree and corporate jobs, Lauren always knew where her path would lead and never lost sight of what it would represent when she got there. Wanting to empower women to keep chasing their dreams, Shades of Rose was born.

Our Mission

Shades of Rose thrives on providing women with that extra splash of inspiration to dream, believe and achieve. Positively supporting women to discover their purpose and walk through life confidently. We promote giving women the power of challenging the social norm.

Our Design Approach

Fashionable yet functional, easily adaptable from work to play, our pieces provide the flexibility to create versatile looks with each outfit to completely make it your own. We ensure our pieces organically transition into multiple seasons featuring unique and iconic wardrobe options.